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#Portugal // Dj Link: “Im one of those producers that you can identify a track from me even if you listen only 10 seconds”

He is one of the most renowned DJs of the Portuguese electronic scene, recognized in many countries for his impeccable technique as a DJ and for his outstanding productions that have been used regularly by International artists like DJ Murphy and Cristian Varela, Dylan Drazen amongst many others.

This important artist, has managed to transcend not only in the electronic scene in his country, but has taken his music to countries like Spain, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Hungary or Brazil, receiving praise from fans and promoters on every occasion

DJ, producer and entrepreneur. This week in our “INSIDE” section we present an exclusive interview to the Portuguese artist, Dj Link.

LC // We really appreciate your taking a few minutes of your time to present your work to the followers of

We know you just finished a successful tour in Latin America. Tell us about that experience, how was the responsiveness of your audience? And what do you think is the difference between Latin American public of the rest of the audience to which you have presented?

Hi and thanks for having me in…
Brazil is always amazing. I have over 15 Brazilian tours over the last 10 years, and its always a blast.

On this quick tour, I played in Belo Horizonte’s Club Deputamadre… on this Club I go more tech-house, and crowd reaction was again insane. Love playing there and will be back at this venue in a few months.

Also played in São Paulo at Techno Route Lake Party. This is considered the best techno party in Brazil. I Played after Hard Techno act Pet Duo, so reeeally had to go hard. Just the way people like on this party.

This event was in a tropical rainforest location next to a big lake… stunning atmosphere.

LC // We know that apart from Dj and producer also are a major employer in the music scene, tell us a little about the project “Amigos Recordings”.

Amigos Recordings is my record label. We first started back in 2007, and we released a collection of 10 vinyl records until 2011. Our first guest artists were Valentino Kanzyani, Wehbba, Axel Karakasis, Dave the Drummer, A.Paul, and I also had a number of tracks released on these first records.

Right now Amigos is on its 57th release… and some of our latest successes include tracks and remixes from Anderson Noise, Jean Agoriia, Dylan Drazen, and myself. Richie Hawtin and Dubfire recently charted and supported loads amigos050, making me very proud of my label.

LC// Tell us about your beginnings as an artist, what was it that made that interested you about the music world?

I have been listening to electronic music since I was very young… I used to listen to Snap, Technotronic, Hardfloor, and other similar bands. I always had contact with turntables and I always did home DJ performances for friends and some private parties as well.

Later I started working on an electronic musical instruments and DJ store, and this was when I decided to go Pro. I thought my mixing was pretty good, and that I could have a chance on the DJ world… the rest is history…

LC// What inspires you when composing? Tell us a little about your creative process when realize your productions.

My inspiration comes from everything I listen to… many times im listening to some track I like, and I just want to get my hands on studio and so some music too.

Im one of those producers that you can identify a track from me even if you listen only 10 seconds, so I suppose I have my own “formula”. When I start composing my tracks, I just let myself go with the music drive and try to give it a dance floor attitude.

Im working with Ableton only now, and im step sequencing my arrangements, so my latest tracks are pretty much sequenced in real time. Im really enjoying this new way of making music.

LC// If you had to remove some of the current electronic movement, what would it be?

EDM. Stay away from it!

LC// What event you feel that marked a before and after in your music career?

Between 2006 and 2007, I played in some really important events like Electrosonic in Spain, E-Force in Brazil or Tecnolandia in Portugal. I got contracts with important agencies in Spain and Brazil because of these nice gigs… and since then I started playing worldwide until today.

LC// Tell us about your upcoming projects, upcoming tours, upcoming recordings

Right now my agenda is quite busy with weekly gigs in clubs in Spain, England, Holland, Croatia and also many in my country. Have good bookings scheduled for this summer, including Eco Festival in Slovenia, where I will play in July. Also I will do another Brazilian tour after summer.

Im collaborating with a big studio in Porto where we help producers with post production, mastering, and other details of their music.

And as for production, I have releases coming out on Airtaxi Recs from The UK, Redmoon from France, Techsturbation from Slovenia and Naked Lunch from Portugal. Been trying to make as much music as I can. Have to do one for Amigos too. Uf!

LC// What do you feel sets you apart from other DJs of the current scene?

I just think I do a real good job working a crowd. Apart from that, im a guy that had many influences from many different styles, so I like to play many things. Depending on club or party, I can do a real hard set, or I can do a real funky and groovy set.

I love techno, but I also like house music very much, so many times I see myself on the middle of these styles and play proper tech-house music.

Having worked with DJ gear for many years, I have a profound knowledge of the gear and its potential, so I can say im a very skilled DJ when Im performing, and I use many reverbs, some delays, loops, and other subtle effects to make my mixing richer.

LC // we are really grateful for the time you shared with us. Any last message for fans of

Just keep listening and supporting the music you really love. And if its techno related music… better for all!

Take .care guys, and hope to see you soon.